Before and after pictures for a basement renovation

Step 1 – Consultation

Here is where we look at what you want to achieve!

We need to get you from the chaos and discomfort of the “Before” to the relaxed beauty of the “After”.

We’ll ask and answer a lot of questions during this phase.

Step 2 – Contract

Once we’ve got the scope fully agreed, this is where we make it official.

Completion and signing of your design contract is an important milestone.

The contract will document the scope of the project, our fees and deliverables, and your responsibilities and expectations.

Step 3 – Design Begins

This is where the project gets pulled together

We will take a much closer look at the changes to be made and how they fit with how you live and your ideas. We’ll compare visions and make sure we’re on the same page.

We will also spend time integrating budget and timelines.

Step 4 – Design concepts

Your dreams really take shape at this stage.

After taking site measurements, we will generate design layouts and concepts for your space(s).

This phase allows us to finalize furniture layouts and fitting placement.

Step 5 – Design Execution

Selection of finishes and colour schemes, and ordering of furnishings and fittings.

A lot of decisions are packed into this final phase, and for most clients it’s the best part of the whole process.

We’ll guide you through the best suppliers and options for your project and help you to submit your final selections to us using a simple order form.

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